Kappa Embraces Its Rugged Football Heritage for a Full UK Relaunch

As the hype surrounding all things 1990s shows no sign of slowing down, one of the era’s cult brands, Kappa, is relaunching in the UK with a new range of “casual” streetwear. Kappa has always had a strong link to football and produced kits for teams around the world, including the iconic black and white strip Juventus wore when they won the league title in 1997. But its popularity and cult status in ’90s youth culture came not just through what Kappa gear was worn on the pitch, but also what was worn off it. The brand’s easily identifiable logo and baggy Italian cuts made Kappa a regular sight on terraces across the United Kingdom. The new relaunch will look to peddle the nostalgia for that era, and to introduce a new generation of fans to what made the brand so great. You can see some of the forthcoming pieces in the “Lost Players” shoot, which was shot at the abandoned old ground of Leyton football club by Lee Vincent Grubb, above.


Watch out for the relaunch and new collection to drop over at the Kappa website in the coming weeks.

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