6 Things You Shouldn’t Miss at Bestival

Bestival is definitely becoming a lot of people’s favourite festival. With impressive live music acts and DJs they also cater for all-round entertainment for all people big or small. It’s not all about the music, and it really isn’t as Bestival this year will be showcasing some of the best entertainment acts out there at the moment.Check out the list below for things to do when your favourite musician isn’t on stage playing!

Celestial Dreaming

A cosmic installation of stars, planets, space junk, fire and performers created by And Now: for Bestival. Visit the celestial dreamers in their cosmos of an imagined galaxy, sign up and put your breathing apparatus on and gaze from the earthly perimeters. As night unfolds see the myriad fires light and create a fretted golden solar system.


Llama Karma

Llama Karma is exactly what is says on the tin, a chance to get up close and personal with our fluffy friends, these animals have an infectious ability to relax anyone in need of a moment of calm, have a grooming session, dress up with your llama and have a picture taken or take a short stroll with her around the Slow Motion fields, you’ll fall totally in love.



The Love-Bot is a truly astounding interactive art installation that helps to get the good vibes flowing across Robin Hill. Standing eight metres tall and weighing in at a cuddly four tonnes, our bionic beauty uses love-detectors to sense affection and converts your positive emotions into an amorous display that will spread love and joy to one and all.


The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle

Smashing an almost 20-year-old record and measuring a frankly epic 23.8 metres long and 20.7 metres wide our bouncy castle stands 12.8 metres tall at its highest point; the side turrets are equal in height to the walls of Cardiff Castle, making it taller than the Great Wall of China and roughly three times the size or the Berlin Wall! Filled with 1143 cubic metres of air it can comfortably accommodate 100 pleasure-seeking festival-goers at one time.


Sink The Pink

Sink The Pink are Bestivals number 1 drag slags! Always ready and raring to make the wee hours of your Bestival experience go with a bang! Think Studio 54 meets Party Monster meets a pretty messed up children’s party, set in the year 3000! Glamazons from outer space will await you Friday and Saturday night in the Amiptheatre and on the Port stage on Sunday! And as ever, you will find our favourite space club cadets at the front of the fancy dress parade. What is Bestival/life without these goddesses???


Shit-faced Shakespeare

Following on from their first West End run, the legendary Sh*t-faced Shakespeare will be premièring their new show, Measure for Measure, at Bestival.Side-splitting, raucous and completely interactive, the show has already entertained over 50,000 eager theatre goers across the UK and America. Don’t miss them at Bestival this summer!


Make yours an all inclusive festival experience, don’t miss out on these installations and acts and the rest that will be at Bestival this summer! There’s something for everybody. If you haven’t already, get your tickets for the best end to summer this year!

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