6 Artists to Watch at Together the People Festival

It’s the summer season and I hope you guys are checking out some of the festivals going on. One that you should definitely not miss out on it Together the People Festival over in Brighton. What could you ask for great music in one of the trendiest cities in Britain. We will be covering some of the weekend and here’s our “Artists to Watch” list. Check it out!


  1. Brian Wilson

If you’re familiar with The Beach Boys, which we hope you are, you’re in for a treat. With Brian Wilson headlining and performing Pet Sounds, it could easily be a highlight of the festival. Pet Sounds, considered one of the greatest albums of all time, is definitely something you want to see performed in the flesh. Make sure you get down and see one of the greatest composers give a magical and timeless performance.

  1. Max Jury

The young musician with an old soul, Max Jury is definitely a rising star. Superbly composed songs with timeless themes geared to toward the struggles of being young, love and alcohol. If you go into any record store at the moment, you’ll definitely see his face on his latest release. Watching him live while he’s in his early days will be memory making moments. Don’t miss out.

  1. Westerman

If you’re fans of John Martyn, Nick Drake and Neil Young you’ll definitely love London based singer songwriter Westerman. The 23-year old storyteller weaves lyrics that drift between imagined people and real life.  His sound alludes to the greats, but the wordsmith pushes classic folk into 2016. This will definitely be a treat to watch this Summer.


  1. Seratones

Serving up a combination of Southern musicality, garage rock ferocity, and general badassery, the Seratones are going to rock the stage on Sunday. They look great, they sound great. With a powerful singing voice and sounds reminiscent of the punk era, seeing the Seratones will be a unique auditory experience. This is going to be a performance to remember. Make you check them out and head down to watch them over the weekend.

  1. The Island Club

From Brighton themselves, The Island Club are going to bring to the festival a new wave of inspired hooks and daring melodies. The music they make is dance infused pop with acute sonic awareness. Taking inspiration from the current crop of psychedelic revivalists, the band fuse the audaciously quirky melodies of Peace, the dreamy soundscapes of Tame Impala and the smooth disco licks of Nile Rogers to carve themselves. Make sure you get yourself straight down to see them and have a little boogie, they will certainly get your feet moving.

  1. Suede

Last but not least, the most recent headliner to be announced is Suede and they are definitely an act you should ditch the hamburgers and flock to. Still burning bright with their electrifying performances from the Britpop days of the 90s. They are back to give another legendary performance. They weren’t named “Godlike Geniuses” for nothing. Make sure you get to witness the legends in the flesh.

Tickets are still on sale make sure you get yours here.


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