Izzy Bizu

A fan of jazz-fusion mixes and a lover of squat parties and warehouse raves, there’s never a dull day musically for Izzy Bizu. Not one to box herself in, she’s wise beyond her 21-years, a sentiment that reigns in both her songwriting, vocal and performance, and Izzy is just as likely to be jamming to The Black Keys, The Antlers, Grammatic or C2C as she is drawing influence from Amy Winehouse, Diana Ross and Sam Cook. Having already supported Sam Smith on his UK tour, anyone who sees her live will know she’s studied the greats – and has every intention of standing with them as she releases her debut album.

Having garnered early support from 1Xtra and BBC Radio 1 on her 2013 independent six-tracker, Coolbeanz EP, since signing to Sony there’s been plenty a new fan in the front row thanks to ‘Adam & Eve’, an upbeat funk tinged big room offering, completed by its epic horn section. Drawing on her time moving countries, schools and the relationships that have entailed, Izzy is a cultural explorer, memories, experience and feelings evoking the songs we’re soon to hear and the thought-provoking conversation she already provides. Wearing her thoughts on her sleeve, you’ll be pushed to find many a debut this honest.


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