E. Mak Releases New Track “The Way”

“Once you’re right within or getting right within, you’ll be able to accept and understand that some times you won’t be able to work out why they act the way they do; and you don’t always need to.”

– E. Mak

Fresh off the back of a string of recent releases E. Mak follows up How You Feel with “The Way.” The last few months have been a time of development and growth for E. Mak as he has been on the road supporting his 6 Figure Music Teammate TE dness on the Section Boyz Tour, but now he is back in the studio. E. Mak follows up with yet another record that is sure to captivate all who hear it. Speaking about the inspiration behind “The Way” E. Mak stated:


“When I wrote this I was getting some things off my chest and expressing some of my goals. Sometimes people warn us about things can happen throughout life, but regardless of their warnings people will do things you may not agree with. Some things we won’t understand until they happens to us… but I think once you’re right within, or getting right within you’ll be able to accept or understand that you won’t always be able to work out why people act the way they do… and you don’t need to. You need to be concerned with how you roll.”

“The Way” sees E. Mak build on his ‘Cool&Conscious’ sound creating a hybrid with a sample-fused production, which brings about a soulful tone to proceedings. E. Mak skilfully delivers two motivational verses on ‘the way’ he sees his life and career panning out.  This record is yet another insight to the mind and heart of a striving artist who poetically recites the tales of his life and aspirations.

Listen to “The Way” below and let us know what you think!

Twitter: @EMakOnline

Soundcloud : http://www.soundcloud.com/emakonline


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