Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis (frontman Mike Duce, guitarist Ben Sansom, drummer Eddy Thrower and bassist Dec Hart) positively fizzes with musical ambition, lyrical wit, crossover potential and carpe diem spirit – and songs, brilliant songs. From the opening us-against-the-world bravado of ‘English Kids In America’ (likely to become the anthem for any home-grown gang touring the US), to the reflective closer ‘Number One’, Lower Than Atlantis is the sound of a band determined to give everything they’ve got in search of glory. It’s reflective of a band who’ve grown up (“I’m 25,” says Mike, “It’s time to stop acting like a fucking child. I’m definitely less of a nutter.”) without growing old (“Don’t worry,” says Mike, “I won’t stop being mouthy – I calls them as I sees them.”). And, whether you’re looking for brilliantly accessible rock anthems (‘Emily’, ‘Here We Go’) or heartbreakingly direct break-up songs (‘Ain’t No Friend Of Mine’), LTA delivers. Mike unflinchingly documents his unhappy experiences, both professional (‘Criminal’) and personal (‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’), but in a way that anyone and everyone will relate to.


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