[NEW] The Avalanches release first new music after 16 year hiatus

Eccentric Australian’s The Avalanches make their musical return with ‘Wildfire’, their first album since 2000. Frankie Sinatra, the lead single of Wildflower, became live on Australian radio on late Thursday via Triple J. As with 2000’s groundbreaking ‘Since I Left You‘, Frankie Sinatra is sample-loaded and packed with calypso and gypsy influence from the off. It also features two of Hip Hop’s most sought after collaborators in Danny Brown & MF Doom. The Avalanches’ pioneering first album, Since I Left You, has achieved legendary status among fans. A new album has been promised since 2000, shrouded in rumours and mystery, but the band frustrated fans by taking their time. They said they planned to package up and release much of their unreleased work from the past 16 years “and then the slate will be clean to release new music”. The Avalanches said they hoped to have a full album to follow Wildflower in three years. But if past promises are anything to go by, don’t hold your breath.



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